Besos Club Rules

Besos Club Rules

We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but sufficient to ensure that most people have an enjoyable time.

No Hard Drugs

We operate a no drugs policy. There are no drugs, with the exception of Viagra and Cialis that have any positive effects for boosting or helping sexual performance, most will actually have a negative effect on your sexual performance.
It is also more fun to have a partner who is able to communicate coherently.

Anyone found using "date rape" drugs, or dealing any drugs will be reported to the police.

Easy on the Alcohol

A drunk is not an attractive swinging partner, and heavy drinking will impair your performance.

No ALWAYS means NO

If anyone says no to you when you ask to join them then please respect this, DO NOT attempt to join them, please retire. If you persist you will be asked to leave the Club.

No Pressure

Do not try to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do - not even your own partner. REMEMBER No always means NO, not maybe, not maybe later - ALWAYS NO.

Open Playroom Doors

This is normally an invitation to others to join them in the room, "but still ask" some people might just like to be watched.

Closed Playroom Doors

Please respect the privacy of people in the room if the door is closed, Not everyone likes to be on show especially if they are new & finding their way on the scene.

Locked doors are not encouraged, as they reduce the amount of play areas for everyone, but again please respect this.

Cameras and Camera Phones are Strictly NOT Allowed

We have a very strict policy on this, if you want some pix of you in action let a member of staff know, and we will do them before or after for you.

Please leave your cameras and camera phones in your lockers or car.

Anyone found using these devices will be asked to leave the Club after we have checked there are no videos or photos on the device.

By bringing a recording device into the club you are giving us permission to examine the device.

Be Open Minded

Everyone is at the Club for sex and fun with other people. If that is NOT what you want - please don't come.
We all like different things, if someone is doing something you do not enjoy, do not watch.
Besos is a liberal Club for liberal people.

Be Considerate

Don't stand in the play areas and talk.
This is very off-putting for everyone - its ok to watch, preferred if you join in.
If you want to talk to someone please go to the Bar area.

No Scat or Pissing Games.

We do not have the facilities for them & we do not appreciate cleaning faeces and/or urine from the beds or bathrooms.


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